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Best known for playing Zuri Ross on the Disney Channel show Jessie and Bunk’d, Skai has also appeared in many other shows including Dora the Explorer, Boardwalk Empire, Austin & Ally (as Zuri) and the Marvel comic books shows like Marvel. Rising Series and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Like many actors, Skai will audition for many shows during his career. But somehow, a video of her audition for the Gossip Girl reboot leaked online over the weekend.

Some fans have speculated that Skai’s tape may be for Zoya Lott’s role, which Whitney Peak later performed.

While some defended Skai’s performance on the research tape, others mocked her. Here’s a video (below) so you can judge for yourself. Now Skai is throwing some backlash online, explaining that the tape is from four years ago and the script doesn’t mention Gossip Girl or any of the characters.

Writing on his Twitter account yesterday (December 12), Skai wrote, “This tape is 4 and a half years old and they didn’t give me my identity, work and said I was playing a child. “All of you tweets are laughing at me. I have two movies coming out in 2023, that’s cool”

“He always abused me to the point where I cried every day. I hated dancing. He made my life brighter.”


Skai Jackson has denied abusing a TikToker who accused her of making her “cry every day” when they attended the same dance school. On Wednesday, TikTok user @s01v319 posted a video in which he answered why he “always hates black women for no reason.” She responded that her problems stemmed from being bullied by a Dancing With The Stars contestant while she was at a dance school in Harlem. “Skai Jackson and I used to dance together at this place called the Dance Institute of Harlem. When we were both there he would always abuse me to the point that I would cry every day, he invites me to the concert. It made my life hell,” he said.+