(Video link) Amandine Pellissard views leaked intimate photos from multiple social networks on Mym.

caileak.com _ (Video link) Amandine Pellissard views leaked intimate photos from multiple social networks on Mym.  Amandine Pellissard, the mother of show icon Big Family: Life XXL, and her husband recently decided to broaden their horizons by entering the attraction market. After opening Mym account, fans can now follow the couple on Swami. Activities that don’t please everyone. On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, far from responding to the hateful words of her critics, the mother of her eight children responded: Relatively sure! But it doesn’t matter, we love most of all, our heart is yours, our love is yours, we love our neighbor more.”

(Video link) Amandine Pellissard views leaked intimate photos from multiple social networks on Mym.

Unfortunately, the first duet on paid platforms did not go according to plan, as the material presented by Amandine Plissar and her husband was leaked on social networks … a blow to the beautiful brunette who does not intend to sit still next to Is. When contacted, the latter said: “The content is not copyrighted like free networks. The intellectual property belongs to the site hosting the photos as it is paid content.

The culprit identified

(Full Video) Pellissard Leaked Update, Viral 1on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Whoever is behind this leak is in great danger. “There are things that are active on my profile called media tags. It means that everything is tracked and everything is flagged. From the IP address and the user to their name, since it is anyway a platform that you cannot access without validating your ID card.” According to Amandine Pellissard, the internet user must also “take a photo of themselves with their Make identity card in hand” to validate his profile. It’s a super square. So not only will the person blow up their account, they will be automatically punished, as will the site hosting the fake content. So the link in question should disappear soon…