Video Full Link Viral Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard ‘missing’ prior to scheduled appearance at Tory Lanez Trial Viral On Twitter – Video Full Link Viral Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard ‘missing’ prior to scheduled appearance at Tory Lanez Trial Viral On Twitter – The Guardian’s Megan T. Stallion allegedly recently disappeared after the rapper and his former assistant testified against conservative Lanez.

As noted by TMZ, hitmaker Justin Edison has been reported missing, but the LAPD has not started a missing persons case. Edison remains at the helm of the case and is believed to have important data that could help decide whether rapper Megan Conservative Lanes, 30, should be charged with the crime.

Lanez insisted she didn’t deserve the blame for assaulting Meghan at Kylie Jenner’s pool party in 2020. The 27-year-old rapper was shot by Lance after leaving Jenner’s home with Meghan’s assistant, Kelsey Harris.

Justin Addison, Megan T. Stallion’s trainer, has been missing since the rapper and his assistant recently testified against conservative Lens. As TMZ pointed out, Addison is missing, but the LAPD has not released missing person records

Megan’s attorney, Alex Shapiro, released a statement saying, “We recently learned that Justin Addison has disappeared from normal view at his trial. LAPD is currently investigating his disappearance and responding. doing. Data on his whereabouts.

The Shade Room was the first to report Edison’s death, but an insider said The Shade Room has now clarified that their attorney hasn’t heard from him since Thursday. The source also said Megan’s bodyguard is missing and has important information on the case.

Addison gained attention during the run-up when she received a series of instant messages from Meghan’s first assistant, Kelsey Harris, after filming. “Help,” Harris texted Edison. “Governor Blow Meg”.

Video Full Link Viral Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard ‘missing’ prior to scheduled appearance at Tory Lanez Trial Viral On TwitterHarris sent the third and final message, “911,” after those two messages.

Meghan’s attorney, Alex Shapiro, released a statement. LAPD is currently investigating his disappearance and would welcome information regarding his whereabouts. Addison caught the eye during the audition when she received multiple instant messages from Meghan’s first assistant, Kelsey Harris, after the shoot.

The search for Addison is a top priority as a court appearance could help shed light on the incriminating statement Kelsey Harris recently gave.

The day after Megan Thee Stallion testified that Lanez shot her in the leg, Harris told jurors on Wednesday that Lanez also said he intended to shoot her.

But when prosecutors pressed the former employee to understand exactly what Lanez was saying in his threats, he invoked his Fifth Amendment to remain silent. However, he told the court that it was “ridiculous” to accept that Harris himself pulled the trigger and shot Megan Thee Stallion in the leg.

District Attorney Cathy Ta asked, “What if I had to answer that question?”

Ta suggested that Harris may not have understood what had happened because Lenz was sitting about 20 feet away in the courtroom.

But after hearing assurances from Assistant District Attorney Alex Butt that it would have been better not to prosecute Harris, regardless of what he said on the witness stand, Judge David Hereford granted him “pretrial detention”. Lanz, who was wearing a tan shirt and black turtleneck, in downtown Los Angeles criminal court on Wednesday attacked Megan with a small gun, claiming it was not reprehensible that he carried a concealed weapon in his car. to 12 years in prison. Last week, the LA DA added another felony charge for grossly negligent firing of a firearm. It includes an additional six years in prison and a felony charge against a Canadian-born musician whose real name is Daystar Peterson. He denied the third charge. During a full day of testimony Tuesday, Meghan told the jury of eight women and four men that on July 12, 2020, she and Lance threw a party at the home of Kylie Jenner, who may be subpoenaed as a defense witness. His SUV was in the Hollywood Hills with Megan’s assistant/best friend Harris when the fight broke out.

Megan (real name Megan Pete) said that after advising the driver, Lanez, to pull over and exit, Lanez yelled “dance b****” and shot several times, injuring him. I really wanted it because my legs hurt so much. Operation. Photo of Megan Thee Stallion who has a physical problem in her leg after being hit by Tory Lanez

Conservative Lanez was moved to Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday

Lanez had to leave the courthouse and hold her child for the second day in a row

He also testified that Lanez offered him and Harris $1,000,000 to settle the case.

Lanez — who was released on $350,000 bond — later apologized and said he had been shot at the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, his advocacy group suggested it was Harris, not Lenz, who was shooting.

In court, Harris – dressed in black – called the allegations of shooting Megan “ridiculous”. However, he did admit that he and Megan got into a fight in the SUV after competing for Lance’s affections. “I don’t want to be here today,” he said. This is a sortie situation. My name was thrown all over the place. It’s Megan’s lie. I won’t be there “She (Meghan) took pictures of me fraudulently, said I was such a terrible person… and got paid regularly.”

Megan – original name Megan Peet – advised driver Lenz to stop and get out of the car – and then she said Lenz yelled “dance b****” and shot her several times, injuring her. you. Surgery. Megan Thee Stallion shares photos of leg trouble after being shot by Conservative Lenz

Conservative Lanez went to Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday

Lenz had to walk out of the courtroom holding her child two days in a row.

He also testified that Lenz had offered him and Harris $1,000,000 to settle the case.

After being released on $350,000 bail, Lance later apologized and said he was devastated at the shooting. Meanwhile, his defense group maintained that it was Harris, not Lenz, who fired the shots.

In court on Wednesday, Harris – who was dressed all in black – claimed he shot Meghan “ridiculously”. However, he admitted that in the SUV after the pool he and Megan had a rivalry over Lance’s affections. Harris, who had not seen Meghan since the shooting at the start of her testimony, said she “wouldn’t be here today”. This is the starting position. My name got thrown around – lies by Megan. I’d rather not be there. She (Meghan) took pictures of me cheating on her, that I was a horrible person…I was making regular money.

Harris told the seven-woman, five-man panel — another female judge on Wednesday — that she and Lanz were “more than friends” before they moved to their old neighborhood in Texas, where her family remained. Corona crisis. But when he returned to Los Angeles, the court heard that Lanez and Megan’s relationship had grown closer.

“Meghan is dead,” Harris said at a poolside party at Kylie Zenner’s house in July 2020. His acting is out of place, he laughs a lot.

The Lanez defense team said it was Harris, not Lentz, who fired the shot.

“Meghan dressed up,” Harris said at a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house in July 2020. “His demeanor stopped. He laughed profusely. However, he added, “Being conservative is about being conservative and spending time with Kylie.”

Asked what happened when Harris, Megan, and Lanez drove off in an SUV, Harris replied, “That’s what I answer.”

When Judge Hereford said yes, he said, “Megan is talking. There’s been this and that between me and Megan and the Conservatives, to name a few. When the Tories discussed his sexual relationship with Meghan, Harris said Meghan was like, “Don’t listen to her…why are you telling her that?” I’m confused – I don’t know what’s going on. Harris said she and Megan had a fight over her (Megan’s) relationship with Lance and his “infidelity.”

Megan and the Conservative hit each other. He began to pursue a conservative career as an artist. Everyone insulted each other.

Harris informed the jury that she “did not recall” seeing Lenz kicking Megan. “I wouldn’t call what I saw the foggyest. It was haze,” he said.

DDA Ta reminded Harris that during a meeting with prosecutors and police last September, he said he saw Lannes shot through a car window. “I can’t remember everything I told you in September,” he replied. I said some things that weren’t true.

Lance faces jail time if convicted after the 2020 shooting

When Ta confronts Harris and asks, “Did you see what happened during the taping?” “No, frankly not,” Harris replied.

Additionally, when Ta helped him recall a September 2022 encounter with police when he said he saw Lance shoot Megan, Harris said: I have no clue.”

“Did you shoot Megan?” Ta asked him. “No,” she replied. “Who shot Megan? Then I asked. “All I heard was gunshots. I had no idea who was shooting,” Harris said.

“Did you say in the September interview that the Conservatives beat you up after the shooting?” Ta asked. “I said a lot of things,” Harris replied. Irritated by Harris’s vague answers and his claims that he did not remember, Ta asked him, “What happened to you today … You gave us a lot of information (about the shooting) in September, but today all you In … “haze.

“What happened between September and today?”

Harris responded that she had experienced so much stress, a death in her family, a sick child and the way court approached Wednesday that “I would prefer not to be here.” When asked by Ta if Lanez had attempted to contact her after questioning by police and the DA in September, Harris said no.

Harris stated that she sent instant messages to Meghan’s security monitor after the shooting, including “Help me,” “Conservative shot Meg,” and “911.”

But when asked why she texted Laneige without seeing her shoot Meghan, she said: “I think…

Ta showed the jury photos of bruises Harris had inflicted from Lanez’s post-shooting assault in a September interview.

But when asked how Harris was dealing with the injury on Wednesday, he replied, “I have no idea.”

When Ta asked why he wasn’t clean, Harris replied, “To protect himself…

“How can you hurt yourself anytime?” Got a refund today. Did you shot megan? “No,” said Harris. He also told the court that he “knew nothing” about the blood from Megan’s injured leg after the shooting, or the ridiculous towel in the back of the SUV that Megan used to wipe the blood off.

Ta helped Harris remember the cheating penalty and asked again, “Didn’t you notice Meg was pumping the entire back of the vehicle?”

“I didn’t see anyone die,” Harris said. When Lannes called Harris at the hospital where Megan was taken after the shooting, she said he was “very sad” and drunk at the time of the shooting. But when Mr Ta asked him on the witness stand on Wednesday, “the Conservatives said why he said ‘I’m sorry’ but Mr Harris said ‘no’. “Did you ask him why he was sorry?” Ta said. “No,” he replied again.