The Full Video shows Memphis police kicking and beating Tire Nichols when he asks them to stop. – The Full Video shows Memphis police kicking and beating Tire Nichols when he asks them to stop. During the ordeal, which lasted about three minutes, Mr. Nichols didn’t seem to answer her. He moves his hands several times to cover his face and appears crouched by the beatings of the police. Memphis — Video footage released Friday night showed Memphis police officers beating, kicking and clubbing Ter Nichols, a 29-year-old black man whose death rocked the city and killed five black men. The officers are accused of murder.

The Full Video shows Memphis police kicking and beating Tire Nichols when he asks them to stop.

People. 7 The confrontation begins with a traffic stop at an intersection, where Mr Nichols’ car is stopped by the police, they shout and she threatens him with a gun. An officer opened the driver’s side door and unlocked the master. Nichols is removed from the car, protesting that he “didn’t do anything”.

He falls to the ground and is thrown on his side, begging the officers to stop, “I’m just trying to get home,” while holding various parts of his body. Although he offers no resistance, the police continue to threaten to injure him further and order him to lie down. An officer told Mr. Nicholls that he was going to “get his ass out” and “break” his hand. About two minutes after the encounter, a police officer pepper sprayed him in the face. At that point, Mr. Nichols got off the ground and ran from the officers, one of whom fired at him.

About eight minutes later, after a chase, police find Mr. Nichols in the suburbs not far from his home and take him to the ground. A severe beating ensues as Mr. Nichols screams in pain and repeatedly for his mother. Body-worn surveillance cameras capture the police repeatedly assaulting Mr. Nichols. Someone kicked him in the face so hard that the officer almost fell.

During the beating, which lasted about three minutes, Mr. Nichols did not appear to respond. He moved his hands to cover his face, as if intimidated by the police beatings.

Mr. Nichols staggers to his feet when the officer hits him from behind with a baton, with the officer grabbing his arm. While two police officers put their arms behind their backs, a third officer unleashed a series of powerful punches. Finally, the officer got behind Mr. Nichols and hit him three times on the head before he fell to the floor. Returning to the scene of the traffic stop, body cam video of an officer who hadn’t been in the chase captured his reaction the moment his co-workers learned he had met Mr. Nichols. I hope he kicks his ass.” Near the end of the bout, Mr. Nichols is lying on his back and is giddy. The police dragged him into the police car and put him in it. Video footage did not show him undergoing serious treatment for several minutes.

Nichols, who worked at a FedEx facility and was the father of a four-year-old boy, died in hospital three days later. As Memphis and other cities prepare for protests, five police officers were fired last week and charged Thursday with seven counts, the most serious being second-degree murder. Memphis Police Chief Serene Davis told NBC News that the department had been unable to find any evidence as to why Mr. Nichols was arrested in the first place. Police initially said the incident began with a traffic stop on suspicion of reckless driving.