Link Paul Breach has TikTok star’s account been suspended? – Link Paul Breach has TikTok star’s account been suspended? – A TikTok star has confirmed that he has been banned from the platform.

British social media star Paul Breach told his fans on Instagram Live that his account has been removed from the popular app. He has been on TikTok since 2021 and has hundreds of thousands of followers.

However, users have raised concerns about his behavior and petitions have been filed calling for his ban from platforms like TikTok and Instagram. But why is he so controversial and who is Paul Bleach? Here’s everything you need to know:

Who is Paul Breach?

Link Paul Breach has TikTok star’s account been suspended

He is the recent TikTok star behind Beautybeyondthe_eye with over 890k followers and over 11.7m likes.

Breach is best known for lip syncing videos to George Ezra songs such as Song 2022, Green, Green, Grass, and creating viral songs about Jack Grealish during the Euro 2020 tournament, which was postponed to summer 2021.

Tab recently reported that Bargains By Karen inspired a viral trend after a TikTok creator recorded a video saying “Yes, I’m friends with Paul Breach.” It was eventually imitated by other users of social media platforms.

Has Paul Breach’s TikTok account been suspended?

If you go to creator @beautybeyondthe_eye on TikTok, it’s gone as of Saturday (January 7). The program displays the message “This account cannot be found”.

And that has fans wondering if Breach has been suspended from the social media platform. After going live on the Instagram story, he confirmed that his account had been banned from TikTok. In other videos, Breach announced a new TikTok account and described himself as a “disgusting person.

” “Currently, my account is suspended from TikTok. If it remains permanent, it will be gone forever,” the tabloid reported Breach as saying.

I’m finally getting back to normal life. I have enough money to do whatever I want.

So now I wonder what will happen to people’s content. Soon FYP and everything else will be back to normal and people’s accounts will have pathetic opinions and pathetic likes again. So if it comes back, hello. If it doesn’t come back, hello.

I’m going to see the world. Let’s see what happens. here you are! ”

Why is Paul Breach controversial?

KnowYourMeme claims that Breach was criticized by several users for being “creepy” during a TikTok livestream, abusing and correcting a young audience. The site goes on to say: