Fulll Link Baha of Machachari & wife Georgina Njenga Leaked videos

caileak.com – Fulll Link Baha of Machachari & wife Georgina Njenga Leaked videos – Famous young Kenyan couple Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya are trending right now because of the leaked nude video of Georgina. Baga was recently exposed after a video of his wife went viral on social media.

The two beloved birds are married and have children, according to sources, and this leaked video threatens their marriage.

The leaked video can be seen on his Telegram. Join our private channel by searching the name @nairobi_youth_leaks on Telegram.

When did the video’s leak?

Fulll Link Baha of Machachari & wife Georgina Njenga Leaked videos

These videos were leaked to Telegram by an unidentified person on January 4, 2023.

Also, the watermarked video shows it was taken on April 4th, 2020. Sources claim that it could be Georgina Njenga who leaked the videos herself.

Or maybe the videos fell into the wrong hands. Other sources claim the video was leaked by Georgina’s close friend, known on Instagram as Dan @dan45at. According to a popular blog, they share screenshots between tea master Edgar Obare and the man who allegedly leaked the video. Check the screenshot below

We still don’t know who leaked the video

Georgina Njenga responds

According to a new report, Georgina Njenga said someone she had a relationship with in 2020 when she was 17 was responsible for the leak. Check out the screenshot below.

I made a YouTube video explaining it in detail. Watch it below.

Who is Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njere Njinga is the wife of Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha. Bahaa is an actor and has been the face of Machachari for a long time. They had one child together.

Who is Tyler Mbaya

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha is a Kenyan actor, youtuber and content creator. Baha is married to Georgina Njenga.


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Georgina Njenga leaked videos reaction

Following the leak on Telegram, Kenyans have come together on Twitter to respond to the situation and Baha is currently trending on Twitter. Kenyans on Twitter have mixed opinions on the matter, with some feeling that Andrew Kibe Baha has warned against it. Watch Andrew Kibe’s video below Andrew Kibe predicted

– ‘…and she’s exposing herself to you. I mean, she exposes herself to us at some point.

I also made a YouTube video addressing this situation. Watch the video here.

There is also another reaction video of Vincent Mboya 18k. Watch the video below.

FAQS about Baha & Georgina Njenga

Who is Georgina Njenga?

Georgina Njenga is a popular Kenyan Tiktoker, YouTuber and social media personality.

Who leaked Georgina Njenga Telegram videos?

The video was leaked by someone sources say they dated in 2020 when she was 17.

Who recorded Georgina Njenga videos?

The leaked Telegram video was recorded by Georgina Njenga and sent to her boyfriend who was a student at Kenyatta University’s Ruiru campus.

How did Baha react after the videos leaked?

Baha knew all this and continued to support his wife after the social media trolls.