Full Video Viral Murder In Duxbury MA Incident On Social Media

caileak.com – Full Video Viral Murder In Duxbury MA Incident On Social Media – In Duxbury, Massachusetts, two children were found dead and others injured in an incident at a Duxbury home, and a woman also attempted suicide.Police and paramedics rushed to the scene The first was a call from a woman who jumped out of a window, when police and paramedics arrived on the scene.

Murder In Duxbury MA Incident

Full Video Viral Murder In Duxbury MA Incident On Social Media

The house was heartbreaking because there were dying children. The police are currently investigating and have released the details of the incident. Stay tuned with us to discuss this issue in detail. According to this report, two children aged 3 and 5 died. The 3-year-old in the house was a boy and the 5-year-old was a girl.

Five & Three-Year-Old Children Found Dead In Duxbury

The incident occurred on the night of Tuesday, January 24, 2023, on Summer 47th Street. Police also said an 8-month-old boy who was lost at home, airlifted and transported to a trauma center in Boston. process. The police indicated that the three children were all wounded at home. This woman, who was said to be his mother, attempted suicide.

What Is The Cause Of Death Of Five & Three-Year-Old Children?

Police strongly believed the children could be the children of a woman who attempted to kill herself, but police took them to hospital. On the other hand, Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz added that the woman was certainly the mother of the children. He said that this is also an unimaginable and senseless tragedy.

The police also announced that they are trying to determine the cause of the 8-month-old baby’s unconsciousness and the cause of his death. The names of the deceased children and their mothers have not been released by police. According to multiple sources, the area where the incident occurred was heavily patrolled while police arrived and took the children away. Police were informed of the incident when a passer-by came home to learn that a woman who lived nearby had attempted suicide.

Who Is The Suspect?

The call was received around 18:11 and the woman was about to jump out of the window. When police and medics arrived, the woman was alive and taken to the hospital, while her two children died and luckily one child was alive. The two children, aged 3 to 5 years, were also taken to the hospital, where they were declared dead.

Police said that although there have been some deaths in the area, there is no threat to the residents of the area. Officer Cruz told the media that suddenly something happened that shouldn’t have happened. He said: People should be safe at home and on the street. He mentioned that since they are investigating the case, the cause of death will soon be known and the cause may also be revealed once the woman recovers.