Full Link Video Petawawa KIA Fight Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Telgram

caileak.com – Full Link Video Petawawa KIA Fight Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Telgram – Match footage of KIA Petawawa 2021 has been published on social media sites.

A video sent to CityNews sparked a discussion about the spread of toxic masculinity in the dealership industry. Using foul and inappropriate language, the car salesman introduces himself as Brian from Paulette Auto Sales, details his breakfast, and suggests sex with the car results.

This needless display of vulgarity not only angered Kingston residents, but its underlying message underscores larger problems in car sales and society at large. Brian Doyle’s actions have caused considerable controversy in the Kingston community.

Kingston News viewers noted that the video could be particularly harmful to women struggling with mental health issues, and many other members of the community showed support for these sentiments. . Dole first uploaded the video to his social media but deleted it when negative comments flooded in, but it remains as a rebuttal that he lacks consideration for those around him.

A recent social media post by a dealership employee raised deep concerns for all involved. Aggressive representations of outdated concepts of masculinity by posters and displays of links to car ownership and sexual predatory behavior are unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

About The Video

Full Link Video Petawawa KIA Fight Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Telgram

According to sources, one of Kia’s managers got into a physical fight with a customer. The manager used profanity and misbehaved with the customer. The video shows the director first opening the door and hitting the man. He then yelled again at another person, believed to be a customer.

The video ends with the customer kicking and attacking the manager. According to sources, after such an incident, people got angry with the employee and criticized Petawawa Kia people.

Almost a year later, the video went viral on Reddit and all other platforms. What about Petawa and Kia’s apology? According to sources, Petawawa Kia officials wrote a memo on the Petawawa Kia Superstore page on Facebook apologizing for the former employee’s misconduct.

They wrote in the memo that they wanted to provide the best customer service and earn their customers’ trust. He also said that the former employee had been released and would no longer work with him. You will take care of such things in the future. They expect good ethical behavior and customer service from their employees.

Did the Video Become Viral onTiktok?

The video went viral on almost every social media platform, including TikTok.

Viewers on this forum also criticized the manager after watching the video. This video was uploaded by @taktak68 and has over 10,000 views.

Views increased when people shared videos. People also submitted the video to other platforms, which attracted roughly the same number of viewers.

The video drew similar criticism. People wanted to know more about the case. PETA and civil servants later informed the dismissal of the employees. The video also received more views on Instagram.

What Did Cause the Fight?

According to some sources, the video customers wanted their deposits back.

The store manager then misbehaved with a customer and started an argument.

According to sources, the video was made by the client’s wife. She cut the video when her husband grabbed the manager by the legs.

The video then went viral on all platforms and people started criticizing the manager.

No details about the manager or the customer. Videos of the fight were everywhere and people were excited to know more about him.

The YouTube link went viral and as did the video review.

What did people criticize? Kingston residents criticized the video showing the fierce fighting. The abusive language used by both sides has cast a spell on people.

The video caught everyone’s attention and made them think about it. Apart from all popular platforms, the video has also gained popularity on Telegram.


A dispute between the manager of Petawawa Kia and a customer has drawn the attention of many. Their fight went viral on all social media platforms. See the link for more details. Did you find any useful information? If so, please provide your feedback below.