Full Link Ragazzo Treno, Video of Boy Pushed Under Train Goes Viral on Twitter

caileak.com – Full Link Ragazzo Treno, Video Bocah Didorong Di Bawah Kereta Viral di Twitter – A terrible incident came from Italy where a boy who was at the train station was pushed under the train, and it turned out that the boy was pushed under the train by his friends or comrades who were staying with him.

On the other hand, people standing with the boy were observed to be shocked, as soon as the video was shared online, it gained huge public interest and many people were shocked and shared it online as well.

Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train

Full Link Ragazzo Treno, Video Bocah Didorong Di Bawah Kereta Viral di Twitter

You could say the attack was life threatening, but that’s not the internet, but the videos are still being shared. Keep watching as we discuss this incident in detail. In an incident in Italy, a group of three boys were seen at a station with one boy standing next to two other boys, and suddenly two other boys pushed a boy in a white sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, a train is seen coming and the boy almost falls under the train. In the next scene, people were shocked and rushed to help the child. I hope the child survives this attack and is safely rescued by the passengers waiting for the train. The incident was recorded by CCTV cameras and is now widely shared on the internet and various social networks. It is said that it was a 14-year-old boy who was helped by a passenger.

Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train Explained

He did not name the boy who was pushed under the train, but said the local police were working on the matter and would soon get the details. Photos of the incident were posted online here, and the boy was seen about to board the train as it arrived, with two other boys pushing him and nearly hitting him. The mother of the child who was deported came forward and said her son was dying in the crash but added that the inquiry called for a full investigation.

And she hoped that the other children who pushed her son would face legal prosecution. Since the attack happened recently, the officer said the other boys were his classmates and said he would go home after school. After a short investigation, Italian police said they had arrested two other children who pushed a boy in a white hoodie and are now being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder.

The victim of this incident arrived at the station around 2:30 pm, which was the first station, and another male student who was a friend of the same class also arrived at the same time. Police revealed that one of the two students involved in the incident was a Sereno resident, and the identity and name of that student have not yet been released. The video has since been removed from the internet for reasons of confidentiality and not to promote violence, but images of the video are still circulating.