Full Link Lashawn Mackey & Why He Was Arrested

caileak.com – Full Link Lashawn Mackey & Why He Was Arrested – Hello readers, I want to inform you about a man who has been charged with the murder of a 74-year-old man who was found bound and gagged in a New York home. Arrests were made and the women were found bound and gagged. So read this article till the end to know about this modern mystery as in this case a 47 year old man from Brooklyn was charged.

Who Is Lashawn Mackey?

Full Link Lashawn Mackey & Why He Was Arrested

The Brooklyn man has been charged with the murder of 74-year-old UWS resident Maria Hernandez, who was found dead in her Upper West Side apartment, and an investigation is ongoing. She’s been accused and talked about, so her name is Leshawn McKay and he’s 47 from Virgin Street. His mother, Maria Hernandez, was arrested on Saturday afternoon for two counts of robbery.

Why Was Lashawn Mackey Arrested?

During his arrest, he maintained that he was innocent, but according to reports, he was taken from the 20th Precinct by detectives. He came up and mentioned that you could check the DNA results for the specific crime scene, which he kept saying from the back of the police car, before the detective came out and chased after him. And Hernandez lay on the floor of his third-floor bedroom on West 83rd Street.

Lashawn Mackey Arrested Reason

After a thorough examination, the medical team arrived on the scene and found that Hernandez had died of asphyxiation. According to sources, there are many broken bones and bruises on his body. The suspect was working as an irregular employee in the building, but as a result of the investigation it was found that he was not the right person.

According to eyewitnesses, someone entered the basement with a hammer and block to steal security footage. This was very shocking news that has received a lot of attention lately. We lost an innocent lady of this earth talking about her family members so they are totally devastated as they lost a beloved family member. No one expected this to happen but with everyone coming and paying her respects on the social media platform according to the neighbors she was a very nice and friendly lady. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.