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Caileak APK – Download YoWhatsApp Apk Versi Terbaru Anti Banned for Android. The Whatsapp application is still one of the most popular online chat applications, with the popularity of the WhatsApp application because it has a simple interface that is easy to use on both Android and iOS phones.

By using the WhatsApp application, of course, users can more easily send messages, make voice calls and video calls with friends and family far from us. In this era of increasingly rapid technological development, of course, all mobile phones have installed this one chat application.

But on this occasion we will discuss about a chat application that has been modified in such a way, namely YoWhatsapp. Of course, in the mod version of the Whatsapp application, this one has a lot of advanced features in it that make original WhatsApp users want to try to enjoy these features.

Actually there are lots of mod versions of WhatsApp applications that have been in great demand by original WhatsApp users such as GB Whatsapp , Whatsapp Plus and others. For those of you who use the YoWhatsapp Apk application, of course, you will get a lot of benefits that you never get on the original version of Whatsapp. If you are curious to know more about YoWhatsapp (YoWA) Apk, please read this article to the end.

Modified Whatsapp or what we call whatsapp mod is a wa application modified by a third-party developer. This developer makes updates in the original program or source code by adding certain features, so that it becomes the latest WhatsApp application. That way, there are many versions of the WhatsApp mod application.

This type of WhatsApp has features that are quite different from the original WhatsApp. Whatsapp officially released the whatsapp application in two types, namely business type and user type. The user type is whatsapp as usual and the business type is whatsapp bussines, both of which you can get in the Play Store store for free.

Meanwhile, you can’t find whatsapp mod apk in the Play Store store because the developer doesn’t release it publicly in the Play Store store. Well they released it in their official website personally.

The results of the modification of whatsapp have various versions that are very popular among users of the whatsapp mod application. Among them are Whatsapp FM, Whatsapp Plus, RA Whatsapp, Gb whatsapp and Whatsapp Aero.

All of these names are applications from third parties that are directly related to the wa server. This time, we will discuss more about the YoWhatsApp application. Please read the following review until it’s finished.

What is YoWhatsApp APK?

Yowhatsapp is a modded whatsapp application that has been modified by the developer team and released privately under the name YoWhatsApp.

Software modification has indeed entertained software hobbyists to get cool features that can only be done by changing the basic code.

Developers usually teach self-taught software or university graduates majoring in software related, for example, majoring in computer science or informatics engineering. The first two letters are YO in the YoWhatsApp application, which are the initials of the developer of this application.

The developer of the YoWhatsApp apk application itself is one person named Yousef Al Basha. Yousef Al Basha shares the results of his modifications so that everyone can experience the features provided by Yousef in this whatsapp application.

We cannot deny that the features provided by Yousef are unique and also very beneficial for their users.

The developer of the YoWhatsApp application, Yousef, stopped developing the application for various reasons and is currently being continued by a new developer named Fouad.

This new developer added the name fouad in the modified application and the name YoWhatsApp is currently changed to FoadYoWA or Fouad YoWhatsApp. However, with the change of developers, this does not mean the features offered are bad.

The features of the Fouad YoWhatsApp apk application also function very well and as promised by the developer. One of the features offered in the YoWhatsApp application is the capacity to send files (file transfer) which is larger than the original version of the WhatsApp application.

Users usually complain about the capacity to send files which are quite small, one file sent has a maximum capacity of only fifteen MB.

Of course in this rapidly evolving digital era, 15MB is quite small (not much). Let’s see the full features of the YoWhatsApp application below.

Features of YoWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsApp provides features that are not available in the original WhatsApp application. Now, these features can only be found in modified applications such as whatsapp mod. Another is GB WhatsApp and of course features like this have their respective uses. Various features of the YoWhatsApp apk application that you can use are:

1. One App but Multiple Accounts

This one feature is called multi-account, multi-account is one application that can be entered by many accounts at once and usually users create a clone of the WhatsApp application to be able to use multiple accounts.

However, by using YoWhatsApp you don’t have to do anything like that and you can directly log into multiple accounts at once. You can immediately switch accounts to use another account and don’t have to change the application.

2. Long Story

The original Whatsapp provides a short duration in one story uploaded by its users, which is only 30 seconds. Now in a fairly short time, sometimes users cut one video so that it can be uploaded into a story with several parts or parts.

The YoWhatsApp application provides a very interesting feature, namely long stories of up to 5 minutes. Now the 5 minute duration allows users to upload videos without having to cut them first.

3. New Look

The theme in the WhatsApp application cannot be changed like other chat applications, such as line. The WhatsApp application has a very simple interface with 2 main colors, namely white and green. The display is considered monotonous for some people, so they look for other alternatives.

YoWhatsApp provides a change in appearance for its users, users can choose the theme in this one application and change the appearance of the WhatsApp application according to each of your wishes.

4. Airplane Mode

Airplane mode or airplane mode is usually used to disconnect the internet from mobile devices. In the YoWhatsApp application, users are given a button to activate airplane mode from the application.

Now what is very special about this airplane mode is that the internet network is disconnected only in this one application and does not affect all of your device’s internet connections, respectively.

5. App Lock

You can usually get an application lock or app lock in the security settings menu on your respective mobile device.

To lock the WhatsApp application, users must provide the key manually via the settings menu on your device and the password you use is the same as the password in other applications.

The YoWhatsApp application has an app lock feature or its own application lock, so users don’t have to bother giving this one application lock through the device settings menu.

6. View Deleted Status

Usually users can only see stories or statuses uploaded by other users when the status has not been deleted. When it’s deleted, the status will disappear from the story feed so you won’t be able to see it again.

By using the YoWhatsApp application, you can see the stories that have been deleted by that person and so you can see the contents of the story. Very interesting isn’t it?

7. Hide Text While Typing

One of the interesting things that YoWa has is that it can hide text when you are typing or replying to a message.

Of course this can be your privacy when you want to reply to messages. If normally when you open a message it will have a blue tick, this does not apply if you use this WhatsApp mod.

So you can freely open messages without worrying that the sender of the message will know that the message has been read/opened. Very interesting isn’t it!

8. Send Messages Without Save Contacts

In original WhatsApp, users are required to save other people’s contacts before you can send messages to that person.

Now by using YoWhatsApp you can send messages to someone without having to save the contact first. Just by typing your destination number, then you can send files or send messages to that person.

9. Send Large Files

As we mentioned above, YoWhatsApp can transfer large files and not like the original WhatsApp version.

The original WhatsApp application only allows users to transfer files with a size of approximately 15MB per file, while the YoWhatsApp application can be up to hundreds of MB.

In addition to being larger in terms of size, this kind of file sending feature makes it very easy for users when they have to transfer certain files without having to use the Google Drive application or other applications.

10. Many Theme Options

The YoWA application has provided a variety of themes that can be used for free, so you won’t be bored with the same WhatsApp display.

You can customize the desired theme according to your individual taste. In addition to having a dark color theme, Yo WhatsApp apk also has a light theme and others.

In addition, you can use images / photos to be used as themes for the WhatsApp application. The theme can be changed whenever you want.

11. High Quality of Media like Photos and Videos

The quality of videos and photos from wa messages usually experiences a decrease in quality due to file compression. Now compression is a natural thing in a short message application, but it is quite detrimental for users because the details of the videos and photos sent will be lost.

You can choose to transfer videos and photos in HD or according to the original quality if you use this YoWhatsApp application.

12. More Emoji Variation

The YoWhatsApp application shares a selection of the latest emojis that you cannot get in the original WhatsApp application. Interestingly, you can’t get the emojis offered by other WhatsApp mod applications.

The emoji provided by this application share a new experience for users to send messages. When you send a message to your friends, they can see the emoji you sent and your chat will be more exciting.

The Difference between YoWhatsApp and WA Original

Difference YoWhatsApp APK And WA Original

After you read about the differences between the YoWhatsApp application and the original version of the WhatsApp application above, of course you are interested in this yo wa mod, right? No need to linger, let’s take a look at the reviews below so you can get YoWhatsApp for free.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022

As a modified WhatsApp, the YoWhatsApp application provides unique and interesting application features from a third-party developer. Official developers or developers do not provide these features for a reason, but if you want to experience this one feature you can try it yourself.

We have collected various download links that can be used to get the latest YoWhatsApp 2022 application.

Well, this link the admin has collected from the most popular sites that provide the YoWhatsApp mod application. Please download via the following link and please choose the YoWA application according to your own wishes, because here there are 2 types of YoWA apk which are quite different.

1. YoWhatsApp by Sam Mods

Sam mods is one of the developers of the very popular YoWhatsApp application. Now where this is not without reason, because this application has very complete features.

Not only that, but frequently updated to the latest version. For more details, please provide information on the latest YoWhatsApp by sam mods v8.85.

2. YoWhatsApp by Fouad Mods

The YoWhatsApp mod application made from fouad mods is also no less interesting than the one above. There are so many features that you will get after downloading on iPhone or Android. For the latest version of the YoWA by fouad mods application, v9.11.

3. YoWhatsApp by Heymods

Almost all WhatsApp mod users know Heymods as a YoWhatsApp developer. The whatsapp application made by the developer certainly has a lot of advanced features in it.

So don’t be surprised if many of you want to use YoWA by Heymods. You can download the link at the link below which we have prepared for free.

How to Install YoWhatsApp on Android & iOS

Before you carry out the installation process, it would be nice to make sure first that you have downloaded the apk file from the wa mod that the admin shared on the link above.

You need to know that YoWhatsApp mod is an external application from the Play Store , you also have to activate the security settings menu on your respective cellphones. The method is:

  • First of all, please enter the device’s “Settings” menu.
  • Next, please select the “Security” menu.
  • Then, please look for the “Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” section, then you press the checklist to activate it.
  • Next, please look for the YoWhatsApp application file that you downloaded earlier via “File Manager” or “File Explorer”.
  • Next, please press or tap the application to install it.
  • When the application is installing, then please wait until the installation process is completely finished.
  • Finished!

How to Update YoWhatsApp Latest Version

For account security to avoid being banned when using the whatsapp mod apk application, the alternative way is to always update the application. So, all users of the YoWhatsApp application, you have to update to the latest version or the latest version.

The great thing about the YoWa mod apk application is that it provides a feature of checking whether there are new features and updating to update this one YoWhatsApp application. Below is how to update the YoWhatsApp application to be safe from being banned.

  • On the main page of the YoWhatsApp mod application, please tap the three-dot “Icon” at the top right, then select “YoMods”.
  • Please select the “Update” option.
  • If it says “Update”, then please just tap “Web Download”.
  • Please start by downloading the application through the site, then please proceed with the installation as usual.

Login to YoWhatsApp

When finished, then you have to register or login just like in the original WhatsApp application. Please login and if you don’t understand how to log in, then please see the following method:

  • First of all, please enter your respective telephone number.
  • Next, please wait for the verification message (SMS), then please enter the code into the YoWhatsApp application.
  • Then, please follow the next instructions to completion.
  • The YoWhatsApp application is ready for you to send messages like the original WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Account Security

We recommend that you create a new or fresh account when entering the YoWhatsApp application because the application does not guarantee its security by the Play Store.

Be careful when sending messages using third-party applications because we never know whether our data will be safe or not.

In addition, your account can also be blocked by the original WhatsApp developer if you are caught using an application from a third party. Therefore, just in case, you should use a new account when you use the YoWhatsApp application so that things don’t happen that we don’t want.

Is YoWhatsApp Apk Safe?

Maybe not a few of you question the safety of using this wa mod application. For now, YoWA is still very safe for you to use, because the anti-ban feature has been embedded.

But with a note you must always update to the latest version. If you are in doubt, you should just use the original version of WhatsApp, because it is clear that it is very safe for the data you have.


Maybe that’s all we can give to all of you regarding the YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022 . Hopefully the reviews that we share above can be useful for all of you. We apologize if in the review we shared above there was an error that we did not intentionally.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website every day so you don’t miss the latest information from us. Because we will always update the latest about the latest applications and games this year. Thank you and good work!



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