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Caileak APK – Download WA Aero Apk Mod Latest Version by Hazar. There are many WhatsApp modification applications on the internet and the most popular is GB Whatsapp. For example, WhatsApp Aero . This WA application is a favorite among WhatsApp users. Because Aero presents various excellent features that are not available on official WA or other WA modification applications. It’s no wonder that Aero is so popular.

It must be admitted that, Aero is an application with exciting features. There are many features on offer and the majority are excellent features. Various features in WA Aero are not owned by other applications, so many are curious about WA Aero and they want to download the application.

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk

Before downloading Aero, you must know the information about Aero itself. For example, what is WA Aero, what are the features in WA Aero, the advantages of this application, and also the weaknesses of this application. All of these things must be studied properly before you decide to download this application.

All information about WhatsApp Aero can be a benchmark when you want to download this application. By learning the ins and outs of Aero, you will understand more about Aero and can be a reference when you want to download the Aero application on your cellphone. For those who are curious, here’s the full review.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

First of all you have to know what WhatsApp Aero Apk is. The goal is to find out more about the WhatsApp modification application. For your information, Aero is a WhatsApp mod application with various advantages. This application is relatively new but managed to achieve high popularity.

This WhatsApp Mod was developed by Bozkurt Hazarr. In the development process, Bozkurt was assisted by GBPlus, known as Fouad WhatsApp development. Although developed by GBPlus, Aero offers a variety of sophistication that the famous GBPlus WhatsApp does not have.

WhatsApp Aero Features

There are many interesting features in Aero WhatsApp. These various features are the result of Bozkurt’s development for this new application. That way, all communication processes and application access on Aero become more exciting and interesting. Then all the features in Aero are also diverse.

The majority of features available in Aero are more numerous and varied, compared to the official WhatsApp application. This is what ultimately makes Aero a favorite application, and successfully competes with other WhatsApp mod applications. So the various features on WhatsApp Aero are quite interesting to use.

1. Many Interesting Theme Options

The first excellent feature is having an attractive theme. As is known that the theme in the WhatsApp application is an exciting thing. The reason is that the theme affects the topic of our conversation with something so that the conversation flows more and more. For this reason, Aero presents a variety of exciting themes.

A variety of exciting themes on Aero, you can access for free. You can put it on WhatsApp so that the conversation is more exciting. Then with a variety of interesting themes, the chat that was initially stiff and boring became more intimate and fun thanks to a variety of interesting themes.

2. Able to Delete Online Status

A feature that is no less exciting is the feature of removing online status. So far, online status often annoys you as a WhatsApp user. The reason is because your privacy will not be maintained optimally thanks to the online status that appears in the application. But this is not the case in WA.

In Aero you can delete online status easily. You do this by tapping the Settings menu in the upper right corner, and selecting the Hide Last Seen menu. Later the online status will be deleted and you don’t need to worry anymore because your online status on WhatsApp cannot be seen by others.

3. Anti Banned Features

One of the weaknesses in the WhatsApp mod application is that it is prone to getting banned. While using the application, you will be under the shadow of the threat of being banned from WhatsApp. Fortunately, this does not happen with the Aero WA application. Through this application, you will be free from the threat of being banned by WA.

Because Aero has a special feature that keeps the account from getting banned. That way you can be more flexible when using Aero. Unlike other applications, you will be more comfortable when using the Aero application. You are comfortable because you are not afraid of getting banned.

4. Chat Lock Feature

Sometimes you want maximum privacy when using WhatsApp. Because on WhatsApp, you often have private and secret conversations. For those of you who want to find an application like that, then a mod application called WhatsApp Aero is the answer.

Through Aero, you can lock private chats with other accounts. It could be close friends, family or your partner. That way all your privacy and what you chat with your friends is more kept secret. So you can be more comfortable chatting because secrets are safe.

5. WhatsApp Story Download Feature

In WhatsApp Aero, you can download WhatsApp Story content. Something you don’t get when using the WhatsApp application. Indeed, WhatsApp Story content is interesting to watch. Unfortunately the content can only be viewed about 24 hours after being posted, so it is only seen temporarily.

However, if you use WhatsApp Aero, this will not happen. You can download WhatsApp Story content posted by other people. For confidentiality, everything is under control. This is because the user whose content is downloaded does not know what you are doing.

6. Hiding the Blue Tick

A feature that is no less interesting is the feature to hide the blue tick. This feature allows you to be more comfortable in using the application. You don’t need to be afraid of a blue check mark appearing when you read an incoming message. Because you can close the feature in Aero WhatsApp.

That way you can be more comfortable when using WhatsApp, because you will not be known by people when reading messages. So you don’t need any demands to bring WhatsApp messages because the sender doesn’t know whether you’ve read the message or haven’t read it.

7. Adjust Photo Quality

Sending photo content cannot be arbitrary. You have to do it well so that the recipient of the message can see the results of your photos to the maximum. For those of you who want to send photos to the maximum, you can use WhatsApp Aero. Because you can adjust the quality of the photo before sending.

That way, you can ensure that the photos you send are not blurry, too dark or broken. This feature is very useful for you photography lovers. Through Aero, you don’t have to worry about the image quality decreasing when accessing the application. Through Aero you can adjust the photo features before sending.

8. Features of Viewing Deleted Messages

Another feature that is no less interesting is the feature of viewing deleted messages. So far, one of the problems WhatsApp users have is confused and curious, if there is a message that is deleted by the sender. They are curious about what the content of the message that the recipient wants to send.

But you don’t get that when you use WhatsApp Aero. Because you can easily see back messages that have been deleted. By using Aero, you can see messages that have been deleted easily so you know what the contents of the message you want to send are.

9. Move Data Easily

The next feature of Aero is a feature to move chat. Through Aero, you can move chats from official WhatsApp to Aero easily. This feature is very useful for those of you who want to move to Aero and become a loyal Aero user. Therefore you don’t need to worry if you want to move Aero.

Indeed, one of the concerns when you want to move, is data. You must be worried about your data such as your chats with friends and family. This problem will not occur if you use Aero. In WhatsApp Aero you can move them all very easily.

Advantages of WhatsApp Aero

After talking about its features, then you can find out the advantages of Aero. There are several advantages of Aero that you must know. These various advantages can be a reference for those of you who want to know more about the advantages offered by Aero. So you can know.

You can find out more about the advantages of Aero. After that you can be more confident with the application, and finally decide to download it. Indeed you have to be a smart user. The trick is to learn the application to the maximum, before you download it.

1. Faster App Performance

The first advantage is faster application performance. Application performance means when you are using an application for your daily needs and how it affects the condition of your cellphone. Regarding this, the performance of the Aero application is arguably superior to the official WhatsApp application.

The reason is, you are guaranteed not to experience lag when using the Aero application. This happens because Aero was developed by the best developers so that your process will not experience lag when using this application.

2. More Attractive UI Screen Display

The next advantage is the UI display. The UI display on WhatsApp Aero is more attractive. Many who have used this application claim that the UI of Aero is more attractive than the official WhatsApp application, or other mod applications. therefore many want to download this application on their cellphones.

Whether or not the UI looks attractive is up to each person’s taste. However, for those of you who want to try an attractive UI, you can use Aero on your cellphone to feel the experience.

3. Has Many Features

An advantage that is no less interesting is that it has many features. In using Aero, you will be presented with a variety of interesting features. All the features on the Aero very much. The majority of all features are not available in the official WhatsApp application as well as other mod apk, so this is very exciting.

Indeed, features are key when you want to download something. Usually you will see first whether the features in the application are many, or not. For those who want to get a lot of features, you can choose WhatsApp Aero. Because the application provides many exciting applications in it.

4. Can be downloaded for free

The last advantage, is that it can be downloaded for free. This application can be downloaded for free. Although it provides many exciting features, you should know that the Aero application can be downloaded for free. You can provide no need to prepare money with a certain amount or nominal.

WhatsApp Aero Weakness

After knowing the information about the advantages, the next is the disadvantages. No application is perfect. Therefore, you must know how the application has drawbacks that you must understand, and you must consider. You should consider it before downloading it.

In addition, various information about Aero’s shortcomings can also be a reference choice if you want to download it on your cellphone. The goal is that you don’t regret it later and in the end have to delete Aero in your application. So you have to know the various shortcomings in Aero WhatsApp.

1. Vulnerable to Malware

The first drawback is being vulnerable to malware. The Aero application is not officially owned by WhatsApp, and its security is questionable. So it is possible, you can be exposed to malware attacks when using the application. So you should think about it again before downloading it.

Malware is a dangerous virus attack. So you have to think again and again when you want to download the Aero application. The reason is that if you are attacked by malware once, the security of your data will be threatened and you will be drained of all data. This is something you should pay attention to.

2. Large App Size

The second drawback is the large application size. The Aero application has a large memory when compared to the official WhatsApp application. It is not known what caused it. Maybe because Aero has many features, so it’s only natural that you have to think about having a large application capacity.

Because the application is large, it will affect your cellphone. If your cellphone does not have a large capacity, then you are not recommended to download this application. This is better than having to delete other applications, for Aero’s sake. Therefore this can be a consideration before downloading.

3. Insignificant App Update Process

The third fact is that the application update process is not significant. You won’t get anything new when you update Aero. This is very regrettable. The reason is when you download WhatsApp Aero, you definitely hope that you will get easy updates, and get many new features.

The reality is not. You will not get significant changes so this becomes a problem in the future. therefore this is a weakness of the Aero.

How to Download WA Aero

  • Just click “Download” button above and you will immediately directed to the download page. Choose only 1 download button from that page, waiting a minutes, the file is ready to download.
  • Next, please open the Security Settings menu on your cellphone. Each cellphone has a different settings menu, so please open the menu according to the menu position, on your cellphone.
  • The next step, please activate the Installation menu from Unknown Sources so you can download the WA Aero application.
  • Once active, please open the File Manager menu and please download and install WA Aero.
  • Wait for the notification to finish appearing.
  • Finally, please login to your WA account on Aero.

Various information about WhatsApp Aero, can be your choice when you want to taste this WhatsApp mod application. Hopefully you can be wiser before downloading Aero so you don’t regret it later. Because Aero is a unique WhatsApp application.



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Whatsapp Aero APK

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