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B612 – Predict your Future Baby Face

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Caileak APK – Download B612 – Predict your Future Baby Face for Android. Curious about the face of your child in the future? You can try B612 Baby Face Prediction, B612 itself is an online child photo face prediction application that is currently viral.

Some people may be curious about what children’s faces will look like in the future. Maybe if you are one of those people, you can only imagine it.

But did you know that there is an application that can predict how our child’s face will look later by just using an application, so we don’t have to fantasize anymore.

In this application, we can see how our child’s predictions in the future will be. Of course, the accuracy of this application is still not proven, it’s just that this application can be an illustration as well as entertainment.

The application in question is indeed going viral on social media. It’s no wonder that lately a lot of people want to find out what the name of this future face-viewing application is.

Until now, there are still many netizens who do not know the name of the Child Face Prediction Application which is currently viral on Tiktok, Telegram, WhatsApp and various other social media.

Indeed, there are quite a number of such applications, however, you may still be curious about the name of this application. The names of this viral Child Face Prediction Application are BabyGen and B612.

This application was previously available and can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store. It’s just that lately the BabyGen application can no longer be found there.

If you open an old link or page of the Baby Gen application on the Google Play Store, you will only find a notification or a message that says “Sorry, the URL requested was not found on this server”.

Therefore, this time Sabilia will share an alternative Child Face Prediction Application called the B612 Baby Face Prediction application. Here is the download link for the application.

B612 Child Face Prediction Application Features

Our baby photo application does look quite simple. But there are some features in this application that you need to know. The features available in this application are as follows.

1. Create Your Own Filter

In this app, you can create your own filters that you can share or use with your friends. Beginners are perfect for using this app to create filters.

2. Smarter Camera

In this B612 application, there are various interesting filters that can change the results of your cellphone camera shots so that the results can look more attractive than ordinary cameras.

3. Professional Editing Features

You can also enjoy various other features available in this application. You can take advantage of interesting features such as the B612 Baby Face Prediction feature.

How to Predict Children’s Face Photos Online Using the B612 Application

Well, if you are curious about how to get children online using our baby photo application to predict future photos of your online child’s face, you can follow the following guide.

  1. Download the B612 app on your phone either Android or iOS
  2. Then open the app
  3. Click the Effects menu available in the application
  4. Select the Hot menu, then choose an effect with a photo or baby icon
  5. Click Start, then upload the Mom and Dad photo you want to predict
  6. After that, all you have to do is click OK.
  7. Wait for some time, then you will be able to get the result.

You need to know, our baby photo application is not necessarily accurate in predicting the face of your child in the future. Don’t take it seriously, think of it as entertainment or just an illustration.

You can also save the results of this face prediction which you can then share with your friends on social media. It’s really easy to use B612 Baby Face Prediction.

Oh yes, make sure you upload photos of you and your partner with good enough quality. Avoid blurry photos so that your child’s face prediction results can be maximized.



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B612 – Predict your Future Baby Face

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